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FREEDOM DAY - 9-11-2014

We would like to give a special Thanks to all our veteran's who helped us make our day of "Free" such a success!  We were able to treat 21 veteran's with preventive and basic care and were Honored to do so. 

We look forward to next year and hope to serve more veteran's as word of this event spreads.

We are grateful for your dedication and service to our county.

Gary, Cindy & Staff

Global Health Outreach El Salvador

Drs Groves and Kelley served in El Salvador with a Global Health Outreach missions trip. The team saw over 1000 patients, with dental for over 200.


Dr. Groves and Dr. Kelley with a participant of Freedom Day who served in Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand. Freedom Day is observed the second Thursday of September. This is our chance to say "thank-you" to our military by providing free dental services. We want to thank all our participants and look forward to seeing more next year.

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